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New Release : WinRAR Password Remover

Every one of us asked this question atleast once.

How can I remove password's from rar/zip files at any time, anywhere?

Protected files has always been a pain in the butt. Whether it is constantly nagging you to purchase the premium version when you download a supported file or being unable to access archives because they are protected with passwords, WinRAR is not something we are all too fond of.

We are here to change that. Velocity hackers proudly present WinRAR Password Remover V1.0, the world's first protected file cracker. This tool is the end result of countless long hours of hard work put into solving the WinRAR algorithm. After nearly 3 months of development, our team has finally cracked the code where the key's are stored, and we are able to display any password in plain text for your convenience.

Whether you are downloading important documents or PowerPoint templates, our exclusive program will be able to crack all of them. Your friends and family will be amazed as you never have to pay money out of your pocket to get the key or sign up to some dodgy forum board and pay $20 for VIP access. No more completing stupid surveys that look to just waste your time and present you with nothing upon completion. Those days are long gone as we are here to revolutionize the way you download on the internet.

The WinRAR Password Remover utilizes an advanced rainbow table cracker that obtains the hash for any file. Once this hash has been obtained, it is then possible for us to inject our private code in order to display the key. This whole process occurs in a matter of mere seconds, and it has 100% success rate. Moreover, it is completely undetectable, as it is a client sided hack that occurs through our servers, which are spoofed to act as original servers. We assure user satisfaction as this tool has not failed to unlock a single file yet.

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WinRAR Password Remover Features:

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Never again do you have to be frustrated with password protected files. Click the download button below to gain access to WinRAR Password Remover, and start cracking now. We would like to hear your feedback and suggestions regarding our program, as we would love to hear from you any improvements / new features that you think should be in the program, but we are confident to say, that you will like everything about our WinRAR Password Remover, and become one of many happy user's over the world !

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